mercoledì 29 agosto 2007


Noi, poveri mortali, inconsci delle fan di Chris Marrone ci lamentiamo e sfottiamo le fan dell'albergo di tochio.
Guardate qua loro c'han anche un sitarello con le fiction su di lui! LOL!
Inoltre cito un bellissimo brano di 1010 pagine...

"He surprise me by taking one og my legs put over his shoulder going deeper in me “ Chris…mmm…God” I moan loud I must call god many times , he went harder making me scream louder, he turn me over enter me in the back, I moan in his pillows biting it keep from me screaming his strokes start to get harder as he pull my hair “ I want you to hear you scream more babe let me know I got you like this shit” whoa Chris was a freak and hell yeah I like it I did as he said. After our nine hour of making love I was still laying on my stomach “ So did I break ya back huh” Chris ask me..."

Preferirei non tradurre... AHAH!

"I push her on the wall pressing my body on her. She giggle we was off today and all day we been having sex, up on my bed, in the shower, in the hall way , on the sofa and on the kitchen counter. “ Chris stop…I hungry” she pout “ you can have it after another round I said sucking her sweet neck, she moan “ Chris no… you said last time it was over” she said breathing heavily cause I was at her spot. I smile knowing she will give in, I pick her up putting the Cereal on the counter I start walk up in my room as we make out. I put her on my bed she giggle as I start to strip for her, “ Don’t laughed girl you know you like it” I said vibrate my ass on her making her laughed hard, I will do anything to make her laugh she been having a bad week, she find out that one of her cousin that she was close with is not doing so good in the hospital and she was leaving in two days to Cali to see her before it’s to late. “ Chris I love you so much” she said as I kiss her lips “ Why love me” I ask slipping myself in her treasure she gasp slightly looking at me, I kiss her lips, she didn’t know what she was doing to me. “ Mmm …Chris” she moan in my ear making me want to ding deeper in her. Soon we was both moan and calling out of the god “ damn Chris” Ariel mutter scratching my back, I grin as I kiss her lips. Then finally we finished took a shower and headed downstairs."

"Then we went to the club it was so pack but I could manage me and Chris dance all night long and when we got to the hotel it was on poppin lol we did it anyway we want I was start to get tired after the third round but he was like super man tonight. And I know when I woke next morning I’ll be really sore."

e volete leggervi qst papiro a metà tra il porno e il melo drammatico basta cliccare qui!

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